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By: Jett Wells and Nathan Mattise
For WHOA Magazine (www.whoamagazineonline.com)

We had to rush things this week thanks to Nathan Mattise fleeting off to Tulsa, OK to visit his long lost love. No matter, because we still had some great topics to hash out while also inventing a new forum segment called “Crown It or Crap It.” The name is self-explanatory. In other news, we decided to share our favorite dream world cover song projects to honor Tokyo Police Club’s weekly cover series and we also decided to vent our years of frustration with award shows to cap it off. Enjoy.

CTI (CounterTop Index):

-Jett’s fantasy cover songs featuring St. Vincent, Jay-Z, Death Cab for Cutie, Neon Indian and HEALTH.
-Nathan’s fantasy songs featuring LCD Soundsystem, Kanye West, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah and Bob Dylan.
-Crown it or Crap it
-Kanye vs. Gaga long-term
-Will Feist dominate the rest of the year with her impending release?
-Is AMC doomed?
-Can we tolerate another Johnny Depp/Hunter S. Thompson project?
-Things we feel that would fix the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys.
Songs featured:
“All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem
“Die Slow” by HEALTH
“Surgeon” by St. Vincent
“Bad Romance” by Tokyo Police Club
“Echoes of Mine” by M83
“In a Cave” by Tokyo Police Club


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